Jul 10, 2019

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on December 2, 2009. Since my diagnoses, I was looking for alternative ways to relieve my symptoms besides taking medication, but couldn't afford to explore many options. I started with going to acupuncture and then to my massage therapist and was introduced to the Gorilla Grant. The grant has helped me with being able to consistently receive treatment to relieve the symptoms I face with MS. Without the grant I wouldn't be able to afford this treatment. Thank you.
~Jeffrey Glanton

I suffer from pain and muscle stiffness due to MS and fibromyloigia. The grants I receive from the Gorilla Massage Fund provides affordable massages and acupuncture. Both give me relief from my pain and stiffness, and help eliminate limb tremors. None of which would be possible without the Annual Golf Tournament and all your donations. Thank you.

The Gorilla Massage Fund raises money to provide grants for massage and acupuncture to people who are in chronic pain from Multiple Sclerosis. Care is administered through a network of licensed practitioners overseen by Craig Danehy. Craig is my massage therapist, and his amazing care is one of the reasons I was able to so successfully complete my recent 100 mile bike ride.

MS pain is debilitating for so many people, and massage can provide much needed relief. I have been very fortunate that my own experience with MS pain has been relatively mild. This fund gives important assistance to so many people with MS who have suffered more than I. Volunteering seems like a nice way to give a little something back for all that has been given to me.
~Linda (Gorilla Golf Tournament Volunteer)

For general questions on the Gorilla Massage Fund, please contact:
John Cogan, Director (585) 750-5300
Email John Cogan
Applications for financial support can be obtained on our website. The requirements for financial qualification are listed on the form, as well as, the process for submission. Please submit questions and applications to Craig Danehy. We are pleased to serve those who are in chronic pain.


Requirements for financial assistance