About The Gorilla Massage Fund

The non-profit Gorilla Massage Fund was formed as a tribute to a friend and as a way to help people who suffer with multiple sclerosis afford alternative and complimentary therapies to traditional medial treatement as a way to manage their pain.

Care is administered through a network of licensed practiontioners overseen by Craig Danehy. We are a volunteer non-profit organizatin committed to minimizing administrative expenses.

The Gorilla Massage Fund has raised over $260,000 since 2006 that have allowed numerous MS sufferers to receive over 3,250 massages.

Slogan: Freedom From Pain

Description: A volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to making alternative and complimentary treatments for debilitating diseases like Multiple Sclerosis available to those in need.

Mission: Provide financial assistance to people with multiple sclerosis and other diseases so they can integrate massage and acupuncture treatments to manage their pain.

The Gorilla Massage Fund is a 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) charity. All donations are tax-exempt.


Requirements for financial assistance